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NEW: #CGM Rack5 - C's Up - Prod by. CDot - Directed by. Armani Romeo

Rack5 is another gem in CGM who is starting to leave a mark in the UK music scene. His previous songs highlight his superb lyricism and fun vibes, which showcased his potential in becoming a star in the UK Drill scene. The rapper continues to be consistent in manifesting his talents, evident in his recently released song titled 'C's Up'.

The tune's title is from the CGM group's Crip influence. The lyrics in the song highlight the Crip influence by CGM Rack5 rapping, “But lemme see red, and I'm spinnin’ the whip" and "On the 840 with my blue flag". The visuals manifested the Crip theme in the music video directed by Armani Marnz. The West London rapper is wearing a blue bandana around his head. Other aspects of the visuals display Rack5 chilling in a room with his friends rapping along to his lyrics.

C Dot produced the instrumental for CGM Rack5. C Dot did well in matching CGM Rack5's energy by creating a lively instrumental. The rapper's animated disposition and the instrumental packaged a dynamic song altogether.

Check out 'C's Up' below.