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NEW: Central Cee - Commitment Issues - Prod by Mokuba - Directed by. Teeeezy C

Not many rappers on the UK scene have had as big of a year as the very talented Central Cee. His debut project ‘Wild West’ is set to come out on the 12th of March, and many UK rap fans all over the country will be keeping an eye out for the talented West London born artist. Central Cee has seen success with the singles he’s dropped so far off his upcoming project. ‘Pinging’ and ‘Loading’ has amassed a staggering 21.4 million views on YouTube and a further 29 million-plus streams on Spotify. So with his new song ‘Commitment Issues’ Central will be hoping for a similar reception.

On ‘Commitment Issues’ Central raps about his struggles with commitment and how he's attempting to overcome it for his girlfriend. This track shows a different side to Central Cee and one that may appeal to many people in various demographics. No matter what your background is you will be able to relate to the topic in this track.

Director Teeeezy C creates great visuals by highlighting the ups and downs of Central, and his girlfriend’s relationship throughout the video. The video starts with Central stating that even though he has commitment issues he will try to fix them for his lady. He says some reassuring lyrics like “ I don’t believe in love, but that doesn’t mean I don’t take u serious”. The constant need for reassurance in a relationship can be draining, especially if the words do not match the actions. Unfortunately, that ends up being the case as Central gets caught hugged up with another girl. Once his girlfriend finds out, she immediately packs her bags and leaves him.

The realness of ‘Commitment Issues’ makes it a brilliant song, and with all the great singles Central has released so far, I am looking forward to seeing what other sides he has to show us with his new project ‘Wild West’.

So make sure you check out Central Cee’s new single ‘Commitment Issues’ and let us know what you think about it.