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NEW: Cashh x M1llionz - Pounds & Dollars - Prod by. Deanyboy - Directed by. Teeeezy C

Cashh and M1llionz have gifted the UK music scene with an exciting link-up. The pair decided to drop their long-anticipated song Pounds and Dollars. Both M1llionz and Cashh lyrics highlight their deviant lifestyle involving trapping and drillings. This song is fantastic due to the lyricism, the energy they bring forth to the tune and the instrumental that Deanyboy produced.

Photography by. @abbxstudios

One aspect that stands out is the bars of both Cashh and M1llionz. The South London rapper Cashh has been persistent in perfecting his lyrical ability, which is evident in his verse. From the start of the song, Cashh indicates to us fans that we are into a treat to hearing great lyrics as he initially states, "pounds and dollars, put 50 in a shooter's hand, call that a pinky promise, trench babies, grew up in the mud with the bruddas", showcasing his wordplay. M1llionz, on the other hand, exhibits his incredible storytelling. This skill makes his lyrics interesting because it adds authenticity to his bars. His wordplay is impeccable, which is why he is up there as one of the best drill rappers in the UK.

Deanyboy produced the instrumental for Pounds and Dollars. One challenge that the music producer faced is the different flows. M1llionz and Cashh rhythm were distinctive because M1llionz flow was quick, unlike Cashh flow as it was slower. Deanyboy did a great job constructing an instrumental that was flexible in working well with the distinguished rhythms, which prevented both flows from going offbeat. Additionally, the instrumental correlated with the ambience of M1llionz and Cashh, which packaged an exuberant, energetic song. Video director Teeeezyc produced the music video for Pounds and Dollars. Teeeezyc did well in relating the visuals to the content of the song. They are counting their money stacks, surrounded by weaponry, throwing up hand signs in a room. Also, they are showing the Jamaican flag because their lyrics are referring to Jamaica.

It is good to see Cashh making noise in the UK music industry once again. Hopefully, he can build on this momentum, stay consistent in dropping music throughout 2021.

As for M1llionz, this song displays why he is one of the top drill rappers in the UK. Check out Pounds and Dollars below. You would want to add this to your music library after hearing this song.