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NEW: Cashh - Double Tap/Mexican Wave - Prod by. Steel Banglez & 2FVDED - Directed by. Cashh

It's phenomenal to see the consistency of Cashh in terms of him releasing high-quality music. The South London rapper has dropped two songs in one, 'Double Tap/Mexican Wave'. Both music producers, Steel Banglez and, 2FVDED did well in producing their separate instrumentals that worked well with Cashh's liveliness.

Photography by. @abbxstudios

The song starts with an outburst of energy from the South London rapper. This enthusiasm he shares is contagious as it makes you want to turn up to the tune. His assertive flow captivates you into his superb lyricism. The instrumental, lyricism and flow bring forth a dynamic ambience for the listeners to enjoy. Afterwards, the tune smoothly switches its sound to a soothing vibrancy. Cashh does well in relaxing his flow to stay with the beat and maintaining his assertiveness.

Cashh directs the music video for 'Double Tap/Mexican Wave', which is in a stylish mansion area. He manages to engage the video with his lyrics, in the first song, 'Double Tap', the visuals exhibit Cashh liking pictures on Instagram, which he emphasises in his verses. Also, his body language in the first part of the video is bouncy, reflecting the energy of the first song. The second part of the video for 'Mexican Wave' differs. The music video showcases Cashh with company partying in the mansion. Cashh does well in using a specific colour scheme and environment to manifest the vibe of 'Mexican Wave'

Overall, 'Double Tap/Mexican Wave' has a fun vibe to it. Everything Cashh brought to the song, such as his lyricism, flow and, style is impressive. Judging by the quality of music he has been releasing, he may have a project installed for the UK fanbase. Hopefully, Cashh does have more music for us to enjoy.

Check out 'Double Tap/Mexican Wave' below.