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NEW: Bugzy Malone - Salvador - Prod by. Thomas Mellor & GA - Visuals by. BWGRX - #TheResurrection

In preparation for his upcoming album ‘The Resurrection’, Bugzy Malone has released his latest single titled ‘Salvador’. With a laid-back, cold beat produced by Thomas Mellor & GA, Bugzy is in his element. The visuals show just Bugzy isolated with just him and the camera so the viewers can focus on everything he has to say.

You can tell this one’s personal to Bugzy by him referencing proposing to his girlfriend and how important that was to him. Bugzy also brings up his past and how easily things could have badly turned out for him, but then brings it back to what he’s doing in the present and how he went from a hood guy to a mogul.

Things are shaping up very well for Bugzy. His recent tracks have been insightful and brilliantly executed. With the 28th of May fast approaching, it will be great to see how his full album sounds like. If ‘Salvador’ is anything to go by, Manchester’s finest could be about to deliver one of the best UK rap projects of 2021.

Make sure you check out Bugzy Malone’s latest single, ‘Salvador’ below here at CGuk.