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NEW: Brent Faiyaz – Show You Off

On International Women’s Day, the gifted R&B artist Brent Faiyaz released his new single ‘Show You Off’ in dedication to all the incredible black women all over the world. In this breath-taking track, Brent shows genuine empathy for all the hard things black women have to go through in life. He uplifts all his queens on the chorus by singing the words “I don't wanna keep you down (Don't wanna keep you down). A nigga wanna raise you up, yeah (Wanna raise you up), and someone gotta take you out (Gotta take you out). Someone's gotta show you off (Gotta show you off).”

The visuals for ‘Show You Off’ show many different beautiful black women. Director Mikayla Gamble does an excellent job of showcasing all of their beauty without sexualizing anyone in the video. From this, I can deduce that Brent's admiration for black women is much deeper than physical attraction. He feels that they deserve to be loved for what’s on the inside too.

Brent’s soft, warm vocals, along with the authenticity of his lyrics is what makes 'Show You Off' such an outstanding song. Nothing comes off forced every single word feels natural. For that reason, I’m sure all the ladies that hear this song will instantly fall in love with it. So make sure you check out Brent Faiyaz’s new single ‘ Show You Off’, this one is for all the strong, beautiful black women out there.