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NEW: Brent Faiyaz ft. Tyler The Creator - Gravity - Prod by. DJ Dahi

The gifted R&B artist Brent Faiyaz has released his first track of 2021 with ‘Gravity’ featuring Tyler The Creator. Coming off the success of his ‘Fuck The World EP’ Brent Faiyaz’s name has been hot property, with many believing he has all the tools needed to be the next R&B superstar.

Producer DJ Dahi creates a soulful instrumental for Brent and Tyler to glide over. On ‘Gravity’ Brent and Tyler talk about the relationship problems they have and how always having to travel for work puts a strain on their relationships. Brent is as smooth as ever in his approach on this track, and this is definitely another one for all the real R&B playlists, as it captures the true essence of the genre. A lot of R&B has evolved into rappers using auto-tune and stunting on people. However on ‘Gravity’, Brent sings words that many guys may have to say to women when you aren’t sure the relationship can work, but you don’t want to break the girl's heart. This type of R&B content is sorely missing in today's generation, so it’s nice to see artists like the talented Brent Faiyaz still use it.

Tyler’s feature on this Brent track is a match made in heaven, as both he and Brent’s sound fit perfectly together. Fans have been talking up the possibility of a potential joint album by the two great artists, and from what we heard on ‘Gravity’ someone may have to lock them up in the studio with each other for a few weeks. A full project with Tyler's beautifully unique style and Brent's magical sound with the right producers has the potential to be special.

So make sure you give Brent Faiyaz’s new song ‘Gravity’ featuring Tyler The Creator a listen, and let us know if this is a collaboration you would like to see more of in the future.