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NEW: Billy Billions - Tizzy - Directed by. The Director Ali

Up-and-coming, 98’s rapper Billy Billions has just dropped his new song, 'Tizzy'. Billy Billions has been making noise in the UK music industry during the last months. Featuring in the Groundwork Cypher, the 98's rapper was one of the artists that took the limelight. Billy exhibited his talent with his melodic flow and rap style, which stunned the UK music fanbase as they were captivated by this sound he brought to the cypher.

Nonetheless, Billy Billions has brought this sound to his new song, Tizzy, treating the UK with his quality. The way Billions can switch from rapping in his normal voice to a euphonious singing style is incredible. It just makes you want to vibe with the song. Also, it's different from the majority of the UK drill scene as multiple drill rappers rely on the generic rap flow. This aspect of his style makes his music unique and forms an identity for the rapper.

Director Ali produced the visuals for Billy Billions. The song's content was about Billy sliding on his opps. The music video showcases Billions in a room where a lifeless body is under a white blanket. Also, the visuals exhibit the rapper attacking a man by suffocating him.

Overall, Billions showed up for this song, using this opportunity to highlight why he should be a prominent figure in the UK music industry. Music producer Morts deserves recognition for the contribution he made to the song's enjoyable energy. Hopefully, the rapper stays focused on releasing more quality music throughout the year.

Check out Tizzy below.