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NEW: Big Zuu ft. Mae Muller - I Did It - Prod by. Owen Cutts - Directed by. Kelvin Jones

Prominent UK rapper Big Zuu collaborates with the talented Mae Muller to release 'I Did It. The lyricism between the two artists is uplifting and inspiring. They focus on overcoming the barriers to become successful and make their loved ones proud, which Mae Muller harmoniously expresses in the song's hook. The two artists approaches to delivering their lines differ as Big Zuu relies on his skilful rap flow and, Mae Muller euphoniously sings her lyrics.

Kelvin Jones magnificently produced the music video for 'I Did It'. The visuals showcase numerous individuals, including family members of the two artists. They focus on bringing forth a positive attitude, evident with their smiling faces and the close-up camera angles Kelvin Jones utilise to exhibit their facial expressions.

Overall, 'I Did It' is a brilliant tune for the ears. The positivity Big Zuu and Mae Muller express in this song are beautiful and refreshing to hear, especially during the tough times the UK has been through the lockdown.

Check out Big Zuu & Mae Muller - 'I Did It' below.