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NEW: Big Sean ft. Nipsey Hussle - Deep Reverence - Prod by. Hit-Boy

One of Hip Hops finest Big Sean has released visuals for his song ‘Deep Reverence’ featuring the late Nipsey Hussle. This comes off his 2020 ‘Detroit 2’ album, which no doubt is still in heavy rotation for many hip hop heads.

Director Sergio displays moving art-work of Nipsey while the LA street legend drops a few gems. He also drops some mind-blowing bars such as “I was birthed in the C-section” playing off the fact his mum had to get a C section when he was born and that he’s been a Crip for almost all his life. The colour blue is prevalent in the ‘Deep Reverence’ video, which represents the crew Nipsey will forever be connected to. Snoop Dogg makes a special guest appearance in the video as he drives with Big Sean around LA in a blue low-rider.

On ‘Deep Reverence’ Big Sean speaks on a few urgent matters. He addresses how Nipsey passing away made him hit up Kendrick to squash any meaningless issues they had. He also touches on him and Jhene Aiko unfortunately losing a baby, the depression and anxiety that he felt, and how it led him to have suicidal thoughts. These are serious topics that many people in hip hop often steer away from as they do not want to appear to be weak. However, in reality, I believe it shows great strength to allow yourself to be vulnerable with the world and share all the hard times you’ve been through. Someone out there listening might be going through similar things, and your music could help them deal with it.

Big Sean somehow finds a way to keep the song upbeat, with the aid of the captivating production from Hit-Boy. He finishes things off on a positive note about how his thinking is now and lets us know that he won’t let any hate stop him from doing what he’s destined to do in life. ‘Deep Reverence’ is an outstanding song, and now that it has an excellent video to match, it is truly unforgettable. If you haven’t already check out Big Sean’s video for ‘Deep Reverence’ featuring Nipsey Hussle.

Let us know if you think this is one of the best hip hop collaborations to come out in recent times.