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NEW: Belters Only ft. Tion Wayne & Bru-C - Make Me Feel Good Remix

High flying UK rap talent, and the latest addition to the 0207 Def Jam family, Bru-C, have joined forces to feature on a brand new remix of the Belters Only hit single ‘Make Me Feel Good’, which is also the first single released by the Dublin collective featuring famed Irish DJ and producers Bissett and RobbieG.

With the track proving to be popular, and after its explosion on TikTok it was only right that it got a remix. Juxtaposing Tion’s instantly recognisable baritone vocals with Bru-C’s addictive melodies, the new rework of ‘Make Me Feel Good’ adds a whole new dimension to the already huge hit record.

Be sure to check it out below, and let us know your thoughts.