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NEW: Aystar ft. Aydoe Soul - Disrespectful - Prod by. Jxmie Music - Visuals by. Archie Erskine

The Merseyside rapper Aystar has started his 2021 journey by dropping his first single 'Disrespectful' featuring Aydoe Soul. This song is about how both rappers are in a relationship but feel disrespected by their girlfriends. Their partners come over to their house and feel entitled to live there without helping out with chores. "And now she's in my room lookin' like she doesn't even wanna move. These times when she does decide to get up. She doesn't even make the bed, I'm fed up". Hence why the song is called "disrespectful".

The overall song is unique. The reason being is that this song mainly focuses on women but does not glorify the 'baddie' culture. Instead, both rappers promote the idea of women satisfying their men by helping them out with the house instead of being pretty, intimate and lazy. Nonetheless, it is a great song. The production of the track is fantastic with the flow and lyrics from both rappers being great. The general vibe is smooth, chilled and relaxing. The instrumental enforces that vibe because Jxmie Music the producer made the sound of the drum set light. Additionally, the melody of the beat brings forth a tranquil ambience.

Furthermore, the lyricism of the rappers is tremendous. Aystar brings forth some rememberable wordplay in his verse "One of them that could give good brains but she's not intellectual". On the other hand, Aydoe Soul rhyming scheme is incredible. "It's mad the way it changes, slang a couple flavours, stack a couple papers, catch a couple haters". His rhyming scheme brings a buzz to the song as it is catchy and the flow that he uses complements those lines.

Also, Archie Erskine produced a music video to portray the lyricism of Aystar and Aydoe. It highlights both rappers in their separate scenes with their women in the house. One scene shows Aystar criticising his girlfriend for being lazy around the house but full of energy when she gets what she wants. "So she can't cook, can't clean, don't even do the dishes, doesn't do s*** but she still wants things for Christmas".

Overall both rappers met the high bar and showed why they are stars in the UK music scene. Listen to 'Disrespectful', you will not be dissatisfied.