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NEW: Ard Adz - What Have I Become 2 - Prod by. Adzbeats - Directed by. Kevin Hudson

Well known South London rapper Ard Adz dropped his first song of the year 'What Have I Become 2'. This song is a sequel to his track 'What I Have Become', released in 2017. The South London rapper gives off a poignant vibe for the listeners as he shares snippets of his life speaking on the streets, being broke and fatherhood. The instrumental created by Adzbeats complimented the rappers' lyrics as it helps set a chilled tone for the song. This tranquil ambience enables the listener to take in Ard Adz's bars and reflect.

The music video produced by Kevin Hudson shows the South London rapper sitting down with his crew while rapping in a room. Other scenes show Ard Adz sitting in a car with his son. One notable aspect that the South London rapper did is maintain his signature lyric from the prequel song 'What have I become? Devil to the Lord but an angel to my son', which adds more meaning to his son being in the music video.

'What Have I Become 2' is a fantastic song because of the reality it shares with the audience. Ard Adz songwriting ability is incredible as it shows that he can avoid generic, shallow-minded concepts to connect with his fanbase. Check out this song. You will be highly impressed.