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NEW: Ard Adz - 1Hunna - Prod by. J Perry - Directed by. Kye Taliana

Ard Adz drops his latest fiery song, '1Hunna'. Utilising the J. Perry instrumental, Adz formulates an exuberant, jumpy ambience with his robust flow. Kye Taliana directed the music video for '1Hunna', manifesting the bouncy vibrancy in the visuals.Ard Adz and his crew take over the block with their flashy cars, designer and accessories.

Ard Adz hasn't taken a break from consistently releasing music. The rapper has already released his mixtape 'Dinner For One'. It's no doubt judging by this recent drop, Ard Adz wants to end the year on a high note and give us a preview of what to expect from his future music releases next year.

Check out Ard Adz '1Hunna',