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NEW ALBUM: slowthai - TYRON

Slowthai has released his highly anticipated second studio album ‘TYRON’. The talented artist had to delay the album release for a week due to circumstances out of his control. Nevertheless, the wait is finally over, and ‘TYRON’ is here for all rap fans to enjoy.

On this album, Slowthai shows his dark and lighter side on songs such as ‘Cancelled’ he acts out a scene from the classic film American Psycho where Patrick Bateman murders someone in his house. He and the legendary Skepta then take turns destroying a menacing beat produced by Kwes Darko, SAMO, and Kelvin Krash. This tune will one hundred percent get the listener's heads bopping.

Then on ‘NHS’ Slowthai creates a very uplifting, beautiful song to give people hope if they're going through difficult times. He raps deep lyrics such as “ It always rains when it's sunny, never have too much money. Always had the bum knee, you will always be chubby, If you suck in your tummy, when you're starin' at the mirror, In your eyes you kill the flicker, serial killer.” The rawness element and how Slowthai poetically puts these words together is exceptional. It tells people every time something negative happens something good can follow. However, if you always think negatively about yourself. You’ll never be able to see the great things about you, even when it’s staring you right in the face. Eye-opening content like this is partly the reason so many people love Slowthai’s music.

Throughout ‘TYRON’ Slowthai has some feel-good music, some aggressive heading bopping rap, great lyrical content while also touching on mental health issues. This is all done over soulful and distorted unique production. ‘TYRON’ also has a few notable features that contribute to the quality of the project. Artists such as A$AP Rocky, Denzel Curry, Skepta, James Blake, and Deb Never bring something different to the album and only enhance the listening experience.

One of the best things about this album is that it has 14 tracks with 0 fillers and perfect sequencing across the album. ‘TYRON’ is truly a magnificent project from start to finish. It isn’t just for everyone in the UK to vibe to either, it’s for the whole wide world to digest, and Slowthai can be proud of the work of art he has created with ‘TYRON’.

So do yourself a favour and take in Slowthai’s new album ‘TYRON’ you will not regret it.