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NEW ALBUM: Only The Family - Lil Durk Presents: Loyal Bros

Prominent record label and rap group OTF has dropped their compilation project 'Loyal Bros'. The music scene has witnessed this group become one of the pioneers of drill music, contributing to the sub-genre worldwide. Over the years, leading OTF artist Lil Durk has expanded his music beyond the sub-genre, which enabled him to become a complete Hip-Hop artist. However, the OTF rapper decided to return to his drill roots for this project. Loyal Bros include multiple OTF rappers such as the notable King Von, Booka 600, Memo 600, Doodie Lo, Chief Wuk, Timo, Slimelife Shawty, Lil Mexico, JusBlow 600, and many more. This compilation does feature non-OTF rappers such as Lil Uzi Vert, Big30, Tee Grizzly, Est Gee and many more. Nonetheless, this OTF project is a great listen for the fans, giving them 23 songs to enjoy.

OTF relied on the Chicago drill sound to create this compilation. The music production team produced instrumentals using Chicago drill type beats to bring forth a threatening sound for the project. These instrumentals correlated well with the verses in creating a menacing, sinister, rough ambience for the whole compilation. The lyrics shared different accounts of the gritty streets, including attacking their foes, the trap lifestyle and other events linking to O'Block, Lamron and Steve Drive. Multiple songs stood out, such as 'Out the Roof' featuring Lil Durk, King Von and Booka 600. This track highlights the authentic, gory lyricism of all three rappers. Also, their energy made their verses captivating for the ears because it is aggressive and confident. This enthusiastic mood they brought to the song contributed to the genuineness of the track. Another honourable aspect of this compilation was the storytelling OTF shared. Their storytelling paints an image for the fans, allowing them to feel as they live the lifestyle themselves.

OTF main focus was to give the fans stories about the rough streets relying on the drill sound. However, it didn't prevent the group from being versatile with their music quality. Booka 600 differentiated his sound from the rest of OTF in some of the songs he was on. 'Streets Raised Me' and 'Apart' are two songs that showcase his melodic style. Booka 600's lyrics in both these songs distinguished from the majority of the project because he sympathised with the struggles he experienced rather than boast about the harsh reality. His smooth canorous flow corresponded well with the instrumentals, which created a poignant vibe for both tracks. Both OTF rappers, Ikey, and Hypno Carlito used a melodic flow. Doodie Lo mainly relied on his usual drill sound but switched up his style to a euphonious flow similar to Booka 600 for 'Streets Raised Me'.

Loyal Bros exhibits to us fans why OTF is a legendary group in the worldwide drill scene. Their music quality is unmatched as their sound is versatile and original. This art of work will be one for everyone's playlist. Check out this compilation below.