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NEW ALBUM: dvsn - Amusing Her Feelings

The release on 15th January of dvsn’s ‘Amusing Her Feelings’ added yet another powerhouse piece to the extensive catalogue of records released by artists signed to Drake’s OVO Sound label. The title originates from the similarly named third studio album from the Canadian duo, ‘A Muse In Her Feelings’, released in April 2020.

Indeed, the similarities between the two records are plain to see. The track list for the new record is exactly the same as the 2020 release, with the addition of 4 new tracks that form the first 4 songs on the album. All this combines to give this piece a ‘deluxe edition’ feel that the Toronto R&B pair alluded to in a recent interview with Complex Canada. They called their new release ‘a continuation of a new series we’ve started’, adding that the new tracks - ‘She Said’, ‘He Said (ft. Miguel)’, ‘Blessings’ and ‘Use Somebody’ – ‘helped us get to the overall theme of the album’.

Dvsn have formerly explained that the album is designed to mirror the arc of a relationship, with the additional tracks forming an extra ‘chapter’ that leads into ‘No Good’. The album opener ‘She Said’ employs the archetypal multi-layered production of Nineteen85, who collaborated with the Billboard-topping, highly esteemed Neenyo to create a full-bodied tour-de-force opening track to introduce the record in style.

‘I know you hate the person I’ve become, but I get it all from you’ choruses Daniel Daley, the vocal half of the Toronto-based duo. The narrative of this record is continued clearly by the second track ‘He Said’, that features the superstar addition of Miguel. This subsequent song features a powerful bass guitar part that runs throughout and the trademark lover-boy lyrics of their big-name feature.

‘Wrap your legs around me baby, take me where you wanna go. You’re in control’ muses the California-born singer-songwriter, bringing some West Coast energy to the Toronto pair’s EP. The gospel-inspired ‘Blessings’ and rework of a pair of Kings of Leon songs on ‘Use Somebody’ conclude the new material on the album, with all the other songs appearing as they did on ‘A Muse in Her Feelings’. This means we’re treated all over again to the plethora of features that dvsn pulled in for the 2020 piece, including Future, Popcaan and Snoh Aalegra to name a few.

Nevertheless, hearing them all a year later, with these new additions, feels like an entirely new, more complete listening experience.