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NEW ALBUM: B Young - Differences

Popular UK talent B Young has endured a fruitful career so far. Bringing to us an array of hits, the talented creative is back to build on his catalogue with the release of his debut album ‘Differences’, a project which demonstrates a wide range of different styles and influences.

Bringing a hint of Afrowave, combined with his indulgent signature sound, B Young cements himself at the heart of the UK scene. Introducing the project and setting the landscape with the lead single ‘Justin Bieber’, comes with the soothing drum pattern and allows space for B Young to do what he does best. The leading track ultimately sets the tone for what is an impressive debut body of work, and certainly sets up B Young for an exciting end to 2021.

With his debut album out, and amongst his fans, B Young is set to grow further and top his previous accolades. He is already in a prominent position in the UK scene, and this injection of music will only take him even further.

Check out the project below, and let us know your thoughts.