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NEW: AJ Tracey - Anxious - Prod by. Remedee - Directed by. AJ Tracey & KC Locke

After his brilliant feature on Digga D’s song ‘Bringing It Back’ the talented Ladbroke Grove artist AJ Tracey has dropped his brand new single ‘Anxious’. On ‘Anxious’ AJ flexes with confidence that you can’t help but admire. He raps about a lifestyle most can only dream of and shows how he runs London town. In his first verse, AJ pays homage to the legendary artist Drake by using one of his flows while putting his own twist on it. He executes the flow effortlessly, showing just how easy it is for him to go into different bags.

AJ’s tone and the different cadences he uses matched with a smooth beat produced by Remedee leads to a great song. High quality visuals produced by director KC Locke and AJ Tracey himself take viewers on a journey with him AJ. He shows them all the things you can do in life when you’re on top. From expensive jewellery, beautiful women, extravagant restaurants, foreign cars, and dazzling surroundings, the audience are given a little taste of the high life.

Everything about this song screams top-tier. With the different flows, elegant bars, graceful delivery, and movie-like visuals, AJ Tracey may just have another hit on his hands.

So. make sure you check out AJ Tracey’s new single ‘Anxious’ and let us know if after watching the video you’re trying to live vicariously through the talented West London artist, because if you are we completely understand.