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  • Sam Rasmin - @sjrasmin

Maverick Sabre: The Epitome Of Resilience & Integrity

At the tender age of 14 years old I vividly remember discovering ‘I Need’ by Maverick Sabre. The track went on to become the soundtrack of the winter of 2011, anyone and everyone was playing the track through their Blackberry Curve, and it wasn’t long until we were all comparing notes on 'Lonely Are The Brave’. Mav’s distinctive sound and style made him one of the hottest prospects to come out of the UK music industry, but little did we know that the iconic body of work would lead him into one of the biggest challenges of his career.

Photography by. Dan Medhurst

The fresh-faced Irish (but Hackney, London born) singer, songwriter and artist seemed to be on an upward trajectory. He was championed by Plan B, and his music drew a line between the Irish, American and UK rap scenes that he grew up on and the timeless blues and trad Irish music of his family’s heritage. ‘Lonely Are The Brave’, was a roaring success, it arrived at #2 on the UK official album charts and went Gold certified within two weeks of release. Since then, Maverick has undergone a bold and inventive evolution as an artist. The multi-faceted creative has developed into a visionary and melodic songwriter capable of telling eternal stories that critique the world around him with a shrewd eye.

Now, as he reaches the 10 year anniversary of his incredible debut album, Maverick takes the opportunity to make a huge statement which will be an inspiration to his peers, his fans and upcoming artists across the world. He is taking back full ownership of ‘Lonely Are The Brave’. The terms and conditions of his label deal meant that he has never had full ownership of the project, and the only way of achieving this is by re-recording the album in it’s entirety, and re-releasing the full body of work via his own imprint, FAMM.

The 19-track project has been given a new lease of life as the talented vocalist blends reworked and fresh material to entice both new and long-time listeners alike. Not only do we receive the classics from the original, but Mav has also included 3 brand new demos which were recorded 10 years ago, at the time of the debut.

Speaking on the album, Maverick said:

“I’ve learned over the past 10 years that a musician’s career is an ever-growing tapestry. You never stop, it’s never just one picture or one painting and that’s it, you can tell a story over time that is never ending. I want to inspire the conversation amongst other artists to think about doing stuff like this, to not have a closed book on their released music, it can have another life and these can be artistic moves as well as business moves. There is no final chapter in music, if you have scope to add something to it or bring it back into your catalogue under your own ownership, under your own terms then artists should be inspired to do that. I would like this to be part of a story hopefully along the way that just ignites a conversation. There’s no boundaries on any of this.”

To celebrate the release Maverick has taken ‘Lonely Are The Brave’ back on tour, kicking things off at the O2 Institute in Birmingham on Friday 2nd December. I attended the show, and I have to say it was one of the best live performances I have ever seen. It was clear to see that Maverick was revitalised, it was as though he had a new lease of life. The passion he poured into his performance, and the connection he had with his ‘Birmingham choir’ was more than evident. The fans brought energy in abundance, singing every lyric back to the London raised talent who was clearly overwhelmed and incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to perform a catalogue of music which he holds so closely to his heart.

Many artists don’t stand the test of time, but Maverick Sabre has certainly done that. After more than a decade in the game, he is still finding ways to kickstart new chapters of his own musical career, whilst also helping develop new exciting talents. His outlet FAMM is home to his own music as well as some incredible musical talents such as Jorja Smith, Mychelle and ENNY. It is clear to see that he is not going to allow his trials and tribulations to stand in his way, but he is also going to ensure that the rising musicians of the modern era don’t have to endure the same challenges that he did.

And, that is why here at CGuk we are labelling him as ‘the epitome of resilience and integrity’...

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