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CGuk | Chloe Mykel's Ones To Watch | Why Kreeps

Artist Name: Why Kreeps

Genre: Rap

Track You Should Listen To: Hello Hi

Hailing From: Johannesburg, South Africa (now residing in Amsterdam)

Chloe here, back with the second instalment of ‘One’s to Watch’! This month, I’m shining the spotlight on an artist who had me sold from the minute I discovered him - WhyKreeps.

Originally raised in Pretoria, South Africa before migrating to London at 9 years old, Kreeps’ fascinating background and early life has shaped him into the artist he is today. The changes of environment that he experienced as he grew up had an undeniable influence on his versatility as both an artist and a producer.

Kreeps’ authentic, unique and organic sound, birthed through his South African roots, is what drew me to him pretty much straight away. He had posted a video on Twitter of his track ‘Hello Hi’, and everything from his artist presence to the production grabbed me instantaneously. I reached out to him to let him know I was really feeling the track, and that’s when he told me he produced the beat himself, too. I knew I had to keep my eye on him from then onwards, and I also knew I wanted to continue to support him as he moved along in his career.

When Kreeps became acquainted with producer and artist John Souley from the Netherlands, it completely changed the trajectory of his musical journey. They formed a strong and mutual brotherhood, allowing Kreeps to integrate and adapt his homegrown artistry, elevating him to a higher caliber.

In 2020, WhyKreeps left the UK and made the move to Amsterdam, the Netherlands where he became a part of the Amsterdam-based NEW SZN collective through which he released his single ‘Hello Hi’.

Despite still being a fairly fresh talent, Kreeps has already earned himself some impressive accolades including national radio play on Kiss FM with Ellie Prohan, features in Dummy Mag, Mixtape Madness and Link Up TV, as well as industry support from notable dutch artists Josylvio and Henkie and UK based YouTube reactor ProdByWalkz.

Since ‘Hello Hi’, WhyKreeps has remained consistent in his craft, following up with singles ‘Oh My’ and ‘Bando Fever’. August will see him release his forthcoming single ‘Candles’, with producer placements and features to follow throughout the rest of 2021.

Connect with WhyKreeps on Instagram and Twitter and follow his Spotify profile to stay up to date with her latest releases.