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CGuk | Chloe Mykel's Ones To Watch | Tia De Gannes

Artist Name: Tia De Gannes

Genre: Neo-Soul/Alternative R&B

Track You Should Listen To: Protect Your Energy

Hailing From: Wolverhampton, UK

It’s that time again! This month’s ‘Ones to Watch’ is back for its third instalment and this time we are shining the spotlight on an exciting vocal activist and storyteller - Tia De Gannes.

Born Tia Elouise Camille De Gannes-McGregor, her stage name is a shortened version of her full name and a direct link to her melting pot of heritages; stemming from Jamaica, Trinidad, Venezuela & Scotland.

Tia’s sweet, soulful vocals melded with an intriguingly sassy edge is what initially drew me to her and her music. She perfectly channels some of her more old school influences such as Jill Scott and Erykah Badu, but in a way that still feels current and actually quite refreshing compared to many of Tia’s fellow UK songstresses in the Alternative R&B/Neo-Soul genre. Tia herself says she would describe her sound as “reimagined UK R&B”.

Another endearing layer to Tia is her ethos as an artist - she actively uses her music to express her own raw, lived experiences; embracing underground talent and evoking change amongst societal issues. Tia failed her final year of university due to an emotional coming out experience in 2015, which led her to write her first full song, later to be her debut single, ‘DAWGS’. This is just one shining example of how Tia honestly and openly channels her life experiences into her art and wears her heart through her pen.

Her mixtape ‘Elevated’, released in December 2020, is the perfect 3-track introduction to Tia and the sonics she has to offer. Standout track and sophomore single 'Protect Your Energy', is a testament to her endeavours to uplift, unite and inspire her fanbase to unapologetically be themselves.

Tia has already amassed notable industry support across many UK radio stations such as Flex FM, BBC Introducing Solent, Reprezent, No Signal (The Midlands Show), Gorgeous FM and Brum Radio, and it’s safe to say Tia has firmly made her mark on the South Coast, having impressively sold out a headline show for her debut single.

With plans to rise up even further throughout 2021 and beyond, she is currently working on two new projects - you can expect one to be that which will honour her Caribbean roots; taking on Dancehall, Reggae & Soca genres, with the second being a personal account of how Pisceans love - deep, complex and like no other.

Personally, I am super excited to see what Tia has up her sleeve when it comes to her forthcoming musical offerings. Her unique energy and approach to music is what makes her stand out for me amongst many emerging artists in the UK.

Connect with Tia on Instagram and Twitter and follow her Spotify profile to stay up to date with her latest releases.