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  • Sam Rasmin - @sjrasmin

Capitol Records sign the first virtual artist, FN Meka - a scary move for music, and humanity

Now we're all aware how the world has changed during recent times. We've seen the rise of cryptocurrencies, the growth of NFT's, and the development of virtual reality, but now things have been taken to a whole new level. Major label Capitol Records have just signed the first 'AR artist', FN Meka.

After emerging onto the 'scene' in April last year, the robot rapper started to generate a huge following. FN Meka was created using thousands of data points from video games and social media, and with a TikTok following of over 10 million, he has now been signed by Capitol Records.

The lyrics, chords and tempo of his music are all generated by AI. The only human element of FN Meka's artistry is the fact that he is voiced by a human. This is definitely a sign of the times, and sets a president for what the future looks like, and personally, it doesn't fill me with much confidence. Call me old fashioned, but we should be developing real talent. There are so many undiscovered superstars out there, and instead of digitally creating what fits the current trends, there should be time, effort and funding pumped into the wide range of musical talent that we have to human beings.

The debut single from FN Meka, 'Florida Water' see's him join forces with 'professional Fortnite player' Clix, and chart-topping Billboard rapper Gunna, while Turbo and DJ Holiday take production credits.

If you wish to do so, you can listen to the single below.

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