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NEW: Toosii - Pain and Problems

One thing that always sets new school artists from the rest is the consistency and their quality of content, two things which Toosii doesn't lack at all. He has been consistently putting music out all year long and the clues are in the titles of his work, his new single being 'Pain and Problems' showcasing he bears all his emotion on his records. Recently the rapper received a pretty big co-sign from DaBaby when he called him "the hottest new artist in the world", which is pretty impressive since DaBaby was the one holding that title just over a year ago now.

The rapper maintains his momentum with 'Pain and Problems' his new track and also gifts us the music video too. Every since dropping 'Poetic Pain' it is clear to see the artist has no problems bearing his personal pain on tracks. One of the reasons as to why he stood out from a lot of artists because he doesn't hide away from his emotions and has made it very easy for audiences to relate to him.

You can watch the official video for 'Pain and Problems' below.