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Ladies At War: The Saga Continues

The UK Rap scene returned to it's highest form of entertainment this week, and this time round it has been the ladies who are going at it. There has been debate about who holds the top spot as the best female spitter for some time now, but the situation finally transferred into the music. Leicester raised talent Trillary Banks stepped up to drop off a well crafted diss track which saw come for Nolay, Lady Leshurr and Miss Lafamilia.

The feud was ignited with 'The Hotspot' which arrived exclusively via Pacman TV, seeing Trillary go hard with the bars making it known that she is ready to take anyone on. Now, Nolay was the first to react coming for Trillary on the socials, whilst also preparing to release the 'Choke On My Name' freestyle, which wasn't a direct response as it was already pre-planned, but that didn't stop Trillary from having a quick fire response ready with 'R.I.P Auntie Nolay', which dropped shortly after the Nolay video.

'R.I.P Auntie Nolay' saw Trillary in fine form once again before signing out with a message for Nolay and Miss Lafamilia, which of course sparked a response from Nolay. The longstanding UK talent hit back with 'Corn'. A freestyle which this time was written for Trillary, and saw her take aim at the LC spitter. Shedding light on some previously unknown information, Nolay was playing no games with this response, but guess what... Trillary had another quick fire response ready.

The latest installment comes from Banks and is entitled 'Resurrector'. Trillary wasted no time in jumping into the bars, going straight at Nolay over a vicious instrumental which is perfectly suited to the war. After laying some heavy hitting bars, Trillary ended the diss track addressing some rumours, and now it is time to wait for the response and see what direction this situation goes in.