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After bursting onto the scene as a teenager a whole six and a half years ago, talented Nottingham raised artist Garton is back with a brand new body of work which further enhances his already strong reputation and name within the scene. Garton shows real growth in his craft on this album without leaving behind the foundations that first gave him recognition as a teenager.

'FRE5H' weighs in at 9 tracks which perfectly showcase his versatility and talents as an artist. Tracks such as 'No Love 2' & 'True 2 Self Outro' come with straight bars and punchy flows with no chorus, making them instantly reminiscent of those freestyle videos that first got him recognition. Evolution from that era of Garton is shown in tracks such as 'Coldest in the East' and 'On Time' where the rapper still brings that witty lyricism and smooth rap talk combined with wavy hooks that will remain imprinted on your mental.

Garton lyrically covers various aspects of his life and perspective in this album, taking us on a journey and giving us a much deeper insight into his character, personality and journey so far.

If you haven't done so already then be sure to check out the project and keep your eyes peeled for more moves from the 0115 talent.