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NEW: Lavish K - Yo Sho - Prod by. Hannah V - Directed by. NIX Films

After steadily building his name in the UK music scene with a host of releases such as 'No Corn' and 'Tango' from 2018 onwards, Lavish K drops his first single of 2020 produced by Hannah V enticed 'Yo Sho', a juxtaposition to his other tracks, showcasing a different vibe and element to not only his music but his personality.

Photography by. Nicola Sheppard

The track arrives as a breath of fresh air, with positive, uplifiting vibes in the lyrics. The vibrant 18-year year old from South London is still relatively new to the scene, and now he is ready to make his mark and take his artistry to the next level. The new drop 'Yo Sho', sees him showcase his new approach to rap, with fresh melodies and love for diverse sounds and instruments.

It is clear to see that Lavish K possess incredible amounts of ability, and after taking in 'Yo Sho' the team here at CGuk cannot wait to see what else he has in store.

Check out the track below, and let us know if you're feeling it.