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NEW: Chip ft. JME & Dizzee Rascal - Ignite - Directed by. Cash Motto & Luke Biggins

He's back at it again! It is mixtape season for UK legend Chip, and after coming for Stormzy with his previous two releases 'Flowers', and 'Killer MC', it is now time for the North London star to raise the bar even higher as he drops off a heavyweight single entitled 'Ignite' featuring JME and Dizzee Rascal.

Photography by. Jahnay Tennai

The brand new single arrives with three iconic UK MC's setting fire to a gripping instrumental, and this is exactly what the scene needs. Chip tears the instrumental to pieces with his raps, as do Dizzee and JME, and with an infectious hook to apply the finishing touches their is no doubt that this one will be getting numbers.

Huge props must be sent out to Luke Biggins who has teamed up with the Cash Motto family to create this high quality visual production.

Take it in below, and make sure your eye are peeled for the mixtape.