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NEW VIDEO: Pop Smoke ft. Lil Tjay - Mood Swings (Official Video)

October 30, 2020

Over a month ago, Pop Smoke's team released a music video for his hit single 'Mood Swings' that featured Jordyn Woods and a few other big influential names. While many fans enjoyed the video, there were loads of complaints that it didn't really serve Pop or the tune any justice and was appealing for it to be re-done. Well here we finally have it, the official video for 'Mood Swings' this time featuring Lil Tjay and his rumoured girlfriend Lala.



At the beginning of the video we see Lala and her friend in a car, seemingly complaining about Tjay, but luckily for him she likes the fact he sent a risky message and ends up driving back to his mansion. Personally, I think any music video for 'Mood Swings' without Pop in just isn't going to do the record justice. But never the less, it is certainly a better effort than the first, what are your thoughts on the newly improved visual?


You can watch the 'Mood Swings' video below.



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