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NEW: #OFB Bandokay & Double Lz ft. Abra Cadabra - BLM - Prod by. N2TheA - Directed by Nathan Jam

OFB are back and have enlisted popular UK raper Abra Cadabra for a powerful new single entitled ‘BLM’. Bandokay and Double Lz have stepped up strong on this one, as they dedicate the track not only to Mark Duggan, but also black lives that have been lost to police brutality and towards the ongoing fight against racism throughout the world.

This track sees them reflect on their experiences as young black men in times of social unrest. With cleverly penned verses and a melodic sombre hook and bridge from Abz, this single does everything it needs to and more. Props must be given to producer and engineer N2TheA who has constructed the instrumental to perfection for the OFB team and Abra Cadabra.

It was only right that this release arrived with an equally powerful visual production and it is Nathan James Tettey and an extensive creative team who have executed this one.

Take it in below, and keep your eyes peeled for more music from this trio.