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Since July's incident involving Megan Thee Stallion, there has been complete silence from Tory Lanez, we have heard loads of rumours from news sources which sparked Meg Thee Stallion to break her silence and speak out about her version of events. Since this moment, Lanez has been vilified in the media and cancel culture has came out in full force for the rapper to be boycotted. It was rumoured that T.I spoke to Tory Lanez and he told him that Megan's version of events wasn't truthful, and he confirms his truth on this surprise project. The rapper breaks his silence to release 'DAYSTAR', there are two sides to this argument, should a rapper really try to profit off a situation as serious as this, on the flip side should we really be blaming musicians for expressing themselves through their art?

The album is filled with quotable lyrics as he finally breaks his silence, he claims that "Megan people trying to frame me for a shooting but them boys ain't cleaning up." He also addresses his feelings towards the Houston star, one thing he doesn't shy away from throughout the project is declaring his innocence. The rapper also goes onto shed light on his feelings towards people who turned their backs on him, Kaash Paige and Kehlani in particular as he was previously close with these individuals.

You can stream the full album below.