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NEW MIXTAPE: Toosii - Poetic Pain

It looks like it is Toosii's time to blow. If you have followed the artists journey, you will understand that this has been coming for a long time, whereas others may have just jumped ship. Over the past few years, the rapper has been steadily building a buzz in the underground scene with projects like 'Who Dat' and 'Platinum Heart' which dropped earlier this year. Whilst it was thought to be an album, fans are under a little confusion after the rapper tweeted that 'Poetic Pain' is actually just another mixtape. If this is what the rapper is offering as a mixtape, we are surely in for a surprise when he drops the debut album.

Instantly when looking at the track-list I was impressed, as I only saw two features; Lil Durk and Summer Walker, considering the stage that Toosii is at, many other rappers would have packed out the tape with features. This showcases the confidence in his own abilities and he sure has reason to be confident going pretty much alone. 'Poetic Pain' is everything it says in the title, Toosii bears it all on his latest project, an album that is certain to ring off in the hood and it also has the potential to receive commercial success.

As well as achieving his first ever slot of Spotify's rap caviar playlist with opening track 'Sinners Prayers', the rapper tackles some very prominent issues within today's society. The 20 year-old tackles issues like; sexual assault and prostitution on this project and has certainly moved a lot of people, myself included. After the work he has put out so far, it is fair to say it looks like it's his time to blow up and turn into a household name.

You can stream 'Poetic Pain' below and share your thoughts with us.