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  • Luis James - @LMJ_uk


YB has been at the top of the younger artists for sometimes now, his work rate along with his solid fan base, has saw him reach crazy heights. Majority of rappers are filling their albums/projects with a load of features, but it appears NBA has taken a different route on 'TOP'. The highly anticipated album has finally arrived, despite a few controversies taking the topic of conversation at times, his work and art has always been respected.

Earlier in Feb, we heard Birdman tell us that he predicted YB's fame would surpass his peers "I think NBA YounBoy gon' be one of the biggest artists that we done ever seen" he says. The new album features 21 tracks in total, which is a pretty large project. Not only this, but the rapper has decided to only features two artists and two legends at that, Lil Wayne & Snoop Dogg hop on the project with NBA. These two features alone are very telling for people within the rap industry, to have two OG's feature on a younger artists tape you must be doing something well.

You can stream the full album below.