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NEW: Lil Tecca - Royal Rumble - Directed by. Omar Jones

September 8, 2020

As Tecca enters the next stage of his life reaching the age of 18, he decides to mark it with a new single and accompanying video 'Royal Rumble', the produced by Z3N and Sean Turk serves as a gift for his fans whilst he prepares to release his debut album 'Virgo World'. If fans were looking forward to his upcoming album, they will be pleased with the new single and the vibe he is bringing for his first album. 



A few days after dropping the single, Tecca also decides to drop the new music video for 'Royal Rumble' which was inspired by the song title as it is a wrestling themed video. It is always good to see artists get creative with their visual releases and Lil Tecca' team have not disappointed on this one, they incorporated the true royal rumble theme and it paid off. His fans were expecting a music video to be released after he dropped a photo of him on Instagram wearing a champoinship belt surrounding by a lot of females.


You can watch the new video below.




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