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  • Ben Rasmin - @benrasmin

REVIEW: Greed (2019)

Greed is a fun movie very much in the Michael Winterbottom vein. At its core is an important message about the ludicrously cheap labour that props up the global fashion industry, with the film's antagonist (played gleefully by an in-form Steve Coogan) offering a grim-but-cartoonish depiction of the beneficiaries of this grossly unequal paradigm.

The message hits hard but does feel a little outdated, especially when the film begins to focus on the migrant crisis that has shamed Europe for much of the last decade. While undoubtedly still important, it feels like a topic that should have been discussed a good few years ago rather than a time when news headlines are dominated by pandemics, financial collapse and so forth. Still, this is an enjoyable satire that proves the Coogan-Winterbottom partnership is still very fruitful indeed.