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NEW: Yung Saber - A Whole Mood - Prod by. KidOnTheButtons - Visuals by. ShotByIllWill

Vibrant, truthful and capturing the essence of emotion, alongside anecdotal charm, Yung Saber sets the tone for his forthcoming project with the release of title track ‘A Whole Mood’. Rising from the concrete jungle of Peckham, South London, Yung Saber’s childhood has been a key component to how both his life and music has unfolded so far.

Whilst his musical venture established by being steeped in early grime and his initiation in to the ‘South Central’ crew alongside his brother Brakeman, his maturity and experience in life has led him to a more conscious, refined and resonant space in rap over recent years. Now, as he looks to build and progress, Saber is creating freely, pouring emotion and feeling into his music, which has resulted in a dope end product.

Check out the new track below, and keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming body of work.