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NEW: Alz x 38 - Gifted - Prod by. Ramsey Beatz - Directed by. Teeeezy C

They've been putting in work, building a strong reputations within the UK scene, and as they look to capitalise on the hype, Alz x 38, are back with some new content. This drop see's the duo make a strong statement with their new track, 'Gifted', and there is no doubt it will have the fans talking.

Produced by Ramsey Beatz, 'Gifted' arrives as yet another banger for Alz x 38. Laced with an infectious hook and frank lyricism alongside their signature flow, this one is sure to be popular with the fans, as they continue their journey to the forefront of the UK scene.

Huge props must be sent out to Teeeezy C who has come through with yet another clean-cut music video which is already picking up the views.

Check it out below.