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What Does Equality Mean To You?

The fight for racial equality is still ongoing and with everyone's social media timelines going back to normal, it is important we all continue to fight for change, fight for justice and fight for everyone to be equal.

We feel it is vital to give our peers the opportunity to voice their thoughts and feelings on the topic of equality. Creative Gen UK as a platform is open for these conversations to be had, and we hope that this feature gives those involved, and those who take the time to read the piece, to have honest conversations and gain a greater understanding of what equality really means to you.

Photograph by. Pharoah Draws

"Equality to me means everyone regardless of ethnicity, age, height etc is treated fairly without prejudice assumptions. Equality to me means being aware of everyone’s needs as all human being value the same rights, opportunity, resources and protection. Equality to me means that we can all recognise the differences and uniqueness in us all while still treating everyone fairly. Equality to me means that everyone can have the chance to develop their potential."

- Will Chicomb, Athlete

"Equality means to me people being valued for simply existing and given the same human rights and opportunity to succeed as any other race or gender. It doesn't mean not seeing people's colour, gender or even faith but instead seeing them and not allowing them to dictate how we treat each other."

- Cassandra, Comedian/Content Creator

Photography by. Layth

"Equality to me means a balanced pedestal for all individuals no matter based on who they are. Equality to me is seeing past the environmental and social factors that society warps our brains into making & seeing everybody for one; the human race. Equality to me is seeing past the white man, seeing past the indian man, seeing past the black man and seeing what is inside and understanding that we all still bleed red no matter how we loom on the inside. Equality to me is having the exact same chances of landing that job you applied for as your white counterpart. Equality to me is looking past the external factors and looking for whats inside rather than out."

- SNY, Producer/CEO of SLMPD Clothing

"Equality to me is being treated equally alongside my caucasian counterparts. I shouldn’t have to second guess that I’ll be looked at as the “Angry Black Women” when discussing a topic I’m very passionate about my skin colour and natural hair shouldn’t affect my opportunities or dictate if I’ll fit into the corporate world. Neither should I be accepted so that diversity targets can be met. I want to be hired and treated based on my personality and the amazing skill set I bring to any company. Equality to me does not only include equal opportunities but also being paid what I’m worth and what I deserve."

- Renz, Event Manager

"To me, equality means that everyone has the same opportunity to achieve success despite their race, gender, sexuality or nationality. As a black person, I'm aware that I'll have to work twice as hard to achieve the same success as a white person. In a perfect world, my race shouldn't play a significant role in my success."

- Pharoah Draws, Photography

Photograph by. Layth

"I think the word equality currently means something different to what it should mean. I believe it should mean everyone to be and feel, receive, accepted, spoke to, acted towards, in a equal way. And to elaborate in every way, sense or shape of the meaning. You should never have to look at someone else and think why are they getting better treatment than me unless it’s based on talent skill and hard work, a.k.a they’ve done something to allow merit for them to receive more. Other than that I feel like everyone should be on the same plane, but the world isn’t built that way, but we do try, the good hearted, clean hearted people do try. The issue here is that there are many people that don’t feel that, or don’t understand that sentiment. They believe that if others are treated better than them then somehow that means that they will now be treated less than. Equality is simple...we have to be more understanding and create an equal playing field."

- Vital, Music Artist/Host

"Equality means fair treatment is in place within our society. In a world of equality, everyone would be treated the same regardless of race, religion, gender, sexuality and any other attributes."

- Lady Sanity, Music Artist

"At MRC we believe that equality means ensuring that each and every person has the opportunity to make the most of their life regardless of their age, disability, sex, race, religion and beliefs. There are so many social and economic disadvantages that people face on a daily basis that hinder them from pursuing and showcasing their goals and talents. As a luxury fashion house, we promote equality through our hiring practices, collections and mission. We understand that as a business we have a responsibility to society to be the change we wish to see in the world and participate in practices of equality. Our new collection, Never Saw Flowers explores inequality and seeks to remind us to become the best version of ourselves regardless of circumstance."

- Malachi Cummings, Creative Director MRC

Photograph by. Layth