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NEW: Phundo Art - Breath - Prod by. Jens Zonneveld - Visuals by. Tobias Lever

It's been an impactful year for high flying South African rapper, Phundo Art, and after hitting us consistently with the heaviest drops since stepping into the new year, the gifted creative has brought a halt to the mission to address a much more pressing topic. With the music, and artistic content gaining huge traction, Phundo is using his platform to express his feelings surrounding the ongoing prejudice against black communities through the power of music.

Arriving as a gripping and powerful track entitled 'Breath', the SA act has created a piece which still carries that unique sound and style which has had the listeners hooked, and it was only right that PH put his message into music, and there is no doubt that this one will have his ever-growing fan base reading deeper into the lyrical content.

Be sure to check out the exclusive music video, and make a donation by purchasing the track via BandCamp.