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NEW VIDEO: Sneakbo - Highs & Lows - Prod by. Lekaa Beats - Directed by. Kye Taliana - #9Lives

Popular Brixton rapper, Sneakbo, has continued his string of video releases following the release of his 2nd album, '9 Lives' which dropped on 24th April. With the new body of work being well received, it was only right that Bo' continued the push and it is time for the opening track 'Highs & Lows' to get the movie treatment.



'Highs & Lows' is the first track off of the popular rappers album, beginning with a skit of his first born Lorenzo. The melodic Lekaa Beats production gives the track a laid-back vibe, allowing Sneakbo to ride the rhythm with a natural, relaxed delivery as he talks through his journey in life. It lets you delve into his life as he openly spits his lyrical bars, flowing effortlessly, with a happiness radiating through him as he talks about his achievements.


The video flips between where Sneakbo is now, with clips of him shining, his son and vibing in Brixton, to his past, with images flashing of him on stage. The visuals shows him at his happiest talking about the finer things in life; having a happy family, and props must be given to Kye Taliana for bringing this one to life. 

Check it out below, and stream '9 Lives' if you haven't done so already.



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