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NEW: Lil Baby - The Bigger Picture - Directed by. Keemotion

Lil Baby pours out his emotion about systematic racism on his new politically driven record 'The Bigger Picture'

The rapper recently shared a black and white image of himself on a bike at a protest wearing a Black Lives Matter t-shirt, little did we know that the rapper was about to make such a powerful impact. With everything going on right now, the world was patiently waiting for a rapper to put pen to paper and speak up for their community. With the career Lil Baby has laid out for himself, his latest single puts him in a special category as the QC rapper pours his heart out on 'The Bigger Picture'.

This new record for me is the anthem of the moment, the lyrics, the flow, the visuals, everything about Lil Baby's new single will certainly have an impact on his career. After dropping the new track and visuals, he shares that proceeds from this new single will be donated to three different organisations. This track is certainly going to touch a lot of people across the globe right now, as he expresses his frustrations with the police and the entire governmental system that he finds oppressive. You can stream the single below in our new Sounds From Overseas playlist.

Back in 2014, Lil Baby was arrested himself on a drug charge and spent two years behind bars, which many thought that his case that wasn't tried fairly. The rapper has certainly had his own experiences with the police in the past and his emotion can be felt on this new political track 'The Bigger Picture'. You can watch the official music video below.