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NEW ALBUM: Wiley - Godfather 3

The Godfather is back to complete the trilogy. Bow E3 born and raised, Wiley, still stands strong as the driving force behind the Grime scene, and after an eventful 12 months, he is now back with the release of the 'Godfather 3' album. 2018 was when we received the last instalment, but it has been far from quiet for the Godfather in the mean time. We've seen him deliver his smash hit 'Boasy', go back and forth with Stormzy, consistently drop music, all whilst continuing to build and develop upcoming talents from within the UK.

In fact, building and developing upcoming UK talents is exactly what this 22 track body of work does. Although Wiley showcases his lyrical prowess, and extensive amounts of creative ability throughout, the 3rd injection of the 'Godfather' series, see's him bring through the likes of Blay Vision, Realz, Jammz, K9, Big Zuu, Capo Lee, Jon E Clayface, just to name a few. The album is packed from start to finish with heavy hitting Grime riddims with some equally heavyweight features which paint the future of Grime in a powerful, positive light.

Overall, an expertly crafted and executed body of work, which if it is his last, serves as the perfect way to go out and continue the Wiley mission, whatever that may entail.

Check out the full body of work below and let us know your thoughts.