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NEW: Kojo Funds - Vanessa - Prod by. Enzo, Zino & G.A - Directed by. Murshed

Popular UK artist, Kojo Funds, returns with a huge comeback single entitled 'Vanessa'. Arriving as the long-awaited return, this track is the one that fans have been waiting for, and it won’t stop there as he’s due to release much more music over the course of the year.

The single pays homage to a female by the name of 'Vanessa;, who he is trying to woo. The romantic-lead single, brings a summer-time vibe with a catchy hook and Kojo’s undeniably, unique delivery and sound. Tinged with Kojo’s melodious flow and a UK Afrobeat production from Enzo, Zino and G.A, there is no doubt that this one will be getting love.

Huge props must be sent out to talented director, Murshed, who has applied the finishing touches to this drop with a cinematic visual.

Check it out now!