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NEW EP: Bloody Jay - Secrets

Atlanta rapper Bloody Jay reveals his new EP ‘Secrets’ due for release on New Reality Now, Jimmy Edgar’s new imprint.

New Reality Now is a platform created by music producer Jimmy Edgar and creative director Pilar Zeta. The art-driven label is a combination of Rap and R&B-leaning club music with a postmodern design aesthetic. They intend to bring something new to the genres by combining interesting hybrids of music and art. Abundance, creativity, positivity and inclusivity are at the heart of everything they do and Jimmy is the mastermind behind all the production.

The 3-track EP begins with ‘Trenches’, a gate rattling club track featuring the enigmatic West Coast rapper Slim400, who has recently recovered after surviving multiple gun wounds last year. ‘Secrets’ slides in next with its corrupting nature and alluring darkness and rounding off the EP is ‘RIP Juice’, where Bloody Jay not only pays homage to the late Juice Wrld, but to all fallen rappers.

You can stream 'Secrets' below.