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NEW E.P: Little Simz - Drop 6

We have been offered another helping hand to get through Quarantine, and this time round it comes from one of the most gifted lyricists to come out of the UK. That's right, Little Simz has delivered a brand new E.P for us to take in entitled 'Drop 6'. Following up the impressive 'GREY Area' tape, Simz continues to raise the bar, reminding us all why she is treasured so dearly.


1. Might Bang, Might Not

2. One Life, Might Live

3. Damn Right

4. You Should Call Mum

5. Where's My Lighter ft. Alewyn

As per usual, Simz has showed her endless creative ability in it's finest form. We all know just how gifted she is, but when you take in that new material consisting of soothing instrumentals and expertly crafted raps, it reminds us all of just how talented she really is. This E.P is exactly what you need to get through these days of lockdown, so waste no time in taking it in.

Listen right here at CGuk via the link below.