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NEW: Rod Wave - The Last Sad Song - Directed by. Drewfilmedit

There hasn't been many rappers over the past two years who are as prolific as Rod Wave, he has rose from St Petersburg and became the new voice of the streets. He has gained such a large fan base in such a short space of time which has made his fans connect with his music through the emotional vulnerability he lays down on his tracks. Not many street rappers do this and this is what puts him in his own lane within the Hip-Hop industry, the rapper has also kept a consistent flow of new music coming in and he hits us with another new single 'The Last Sad Song'.

It seems that his title is reflective of his next move and pretty self explanatory, I'm guessing he will still have more sad songs in his back log but things are looking up in this track and conveys a message of hope. After living through so much trauma, Rod is actually the one who brings some optimism to the world during this global pandemic.

You can watch the video for 'The Last Sad Song' below.