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NEW: Lewi B ft. Grime Allstars - Lockdown Riddim - Visuals by. Tommy Birtles & L&G TV

Lewi B has built up a reputation as one of the coldest producers in the Grime scene, and with the world in quarantine, he has let everybody know that you can't keep the sound locked down. In order to keep us Grime heads going through this period, he has put together an Allstar track which see's some of the dopest MC's drop an 8 bar for this exciting new release.

We see, Snowy Danger, Grizzly, Genesis Elijah, Shadez, Row D, Shao Dow, Frankie StayWoke, JoSoSick, Tommy Biz, Lady Shocker, Jakebob, Doni Rampage and Chey all showcase their talents over this dope production. It is no surprise that the 'Lockdown Riddim' is already doing up huge numbers following it's premiere on SBTV, and we must send props to Tommy Birtles and the L&G TV team for cooking up the visual.

Check it out now, and let us know who you think went the hardest on this one.

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