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NEW VIDEO: YNW Melly & Juice WRLD - Suicidal (Remix)

Many fans thought that Melly would fade away when he was faced with a jail sentance but he has remained hot on the blogs and certainly within the Hip-Hop world. He has been releasing content whilst being inside, keeping his name buzzing and actually delivering some good material to keep his fans entertained. The release of his recent album 'Melly Vs. Melvin' features several records and 'Suicidal' was one of the top picks amongst the tracks, it has also been a popular hit on the app TikTok. After releasing the remix featuring the late Juice WRLD, the rapper goes another step and gifts us with the music video for the remix.

Since he released the Juice assisted track, the record has now got over 300 million streams and is still steadily rising. This music video highlights and focusses on mental health issues, which is good to see rappers using their huge platforms to shed light on social issues and things people need addressing.

You can now watch the 'Suicidal (Remix)' below.

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