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NEW ALBUM: Larry June - Adjust To The Game

March has been a fruitful month for music so far, with a number of great projects released already. Add Larry June’s “Adjust To The Game” mixtape to that list, which dropped at the start of the month. This being the San Francisco-born rapper’s latest from his collection of tapes, having put out “Product Of The Game” in the fourth quarter of last year. The twenty-eight-year-old has wasted no time releasing again as he continues to kick game to his loyal fan base, which he has gained from his active social media presence. The ten track tape features verses from Michigan rapper Chuck Inglish and fellow West Coast rappers G Perico and Chezi.

Having grown up in Atlanta and spending his summers in the Bay Area, the mix of the two cultures’ sounds and styles is evident as he manages to merge the old-school West Coast vibe with the current Atlanta trap sound with ease. The now-independent artist promotes the importance of looking after your physical and mental health throughout the course of the tape, as well as preaching financial wealth. On records “You Can Get Rich” and “Financial Freedom” he raps “cash ain’t shit, get some property and credit” and “whoever told you you don’t need credit, he a fuckin’ liar”. Merging the positive lyrical content, sounding wiser than his years, along with the dope beat selection, creates for another great offering by June.

“Adjust To The Game” is available to stream in full below and we would be interested in hearing any thoughts and comments.

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