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NEW: Lil Yachty ft. Drake & DaBaby - Oprah's Bank Account - Directed by. Director X

Lil Yachty has remained fairly quote over the past year or so, especially considering how active the rest of the Quality Control crew is. The rapper has decided that it is the right time to make his return before he releases 'LB3', perfect time just as QC build momentum with Lil Baby having such a successful album run. An hour before the release of his new single, Yachty shared the cover art and it was revealed that Drake and DaBaby will be joining the QC rapper for 'Oprah's Bank Account'.

It was certainly a clever move from Yachty to get two of the biggest artists to-date to collaborate with him for his return single, the impact this video and track has already had, is pretty impressive. The video kick starts with the introduction of The Boprah Show, a spin-off from Oprah's talk show. Lil Boat is dressed like Oprah, wearing a wig, dress and make-up, we then see Drizzy come through and talk to Boprah about his beard and new earrings. We then see Boprah take a trip to DaBaby's house and discuss how his records 'sound the same' and his famous ad-lib 'Let's Go'.

You can watch the official video below and share your thoughts with us.

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